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Art Exhibitions with a Special Edge

Eva McGaw and Tatiana Palinkasev established “Metamorphosis Art Projects” to produce and curate art exhibitions with a special edge. They strive to motivate artists to go one step further, they follow them, support them, exhibit them and represent them at international art fairs.

They create extraordinary experiences to motivate artists in developing new forms of expression, helping them to communicate their innermost beliefs and convictions and to inspire their audience. Interaction and inspiration is the key element in their exhibitions.

They look for special, out of ordinary elements and strive to achieve extra ordinary exhibitions.

 Eve McGaw and Tatiana Palinkasev

Tatiana Palinkasev

Tatiana began her career at Christie's Auction House in London and worked in their Madrid and Rome offices where she gained her understanding and experience of international art markets, private and public collections and auction house practices. After valuable international experience at Christies, Tatiana co-founded Callisto Fine Arts, an art consultancy and dealership, focusing on private clients, institutions, curatorship and exhibitions.

Eva McGaw

Eva is an entrepreneur and with special focus on business development has been actively involved in the world of arts since the early 1990's. She pursued her passion by supporting Eastern European artists, commissioning and producing exhibitions. She has lived in the Middle East for over 20 years where she was appointed special representative for Sotheby’s.


Eva McGaw: +44 7850 398961
Tatiana Palinkasev: +44 7721 652226

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